Ampheta comprises many amphetamine salts including amphetamine itself and dextroamphetamine. This drug is used for treating ADHD or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy – an uncontrollable sleep desire or attacks of deep sleep. These compounds are available in both brand and generic versions. It has also off-label benefits to manage the severe forms of depression. It stimulates your central nervous system, means it heightens and speeds up the bodily processes. This medication is usually prescribed at low dosages to evade the undesirable side effects.

As Ampheta Salts Combo is a stimulant, it enhances the dopamine level in the brain. The biggest advantage of this drug is an improvement in mood, concentration, and mental function. It affects the neurotransmitters that influence the mood in a positive way because they can mediate the ways of pleasure. There are high levels of Serotonin, Dopamine, and Adrenaline and they may lead to euphoria feelings in the users. Other benefits are higher productivity and motivation levels. This supplement can influence the brain processes such as motivation, attention, and focus. It also helps in weight reduction and increases the metabolism rate.

Dosage recommendations

The time taken by this medication to clear off from the system depends on its dosages. If more dosages are taken, the more time it will take to clear off from your system. Someone who takes the drug daily or regularly takes a longer time to clear from the system than the one who uses it few times only. However, when taken frequently, it accumulates and takes more time to break down. The best dosage of this drug can be decided by medical professionals as they take into consideration numerous factors before determining the dosages such as medical history and the treatment.

Someone using the medication for the purpose of ADHD treatment requires a different dosage than someone using it for reasons like wakefulness. The usual daily recommended dosage is 5-60 mg. The dosage should be taken after getting up in the morning and thereafter, at intervals of 4-6 hours. The beginners should begin with the lowest dosage and then increase it gradually. Your body should get used to this drug before you think of enhancing its dosage. However, it is never advisable to increase the dosage above 10 mg in a week. It is always recommended to start with the minimum dosage and assess the effects of this drug on your body.

Drug tests

Adderall or Ampheta Salts Combo can show its presence in urinalysis. Most of the drug used is eliminated within just a few hours of use but urine can be used for test up to 3 days. Hair testing can be used too. If hair sample is collected and is tested then it can show Adderall metabolites. Hair samples can be used for testing even after a month of its use. Saliva testing is also used to detect its use. This testing can detect the drug in the quickest way and it can be detected even after 48 hours of its use.